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Energising Industries through Nanotechnology Commercialisation

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Nanotechnology Landscaping & Business Opportunities

We offer comprehensive technology and business due diligence services.

Our technology and business due diligence services provide front-end technology assessment and a commercial evaluation programme of business ideas; nanotechnology consulting and monitoring; capabilities report; and programme verification on the applications of nanotechnology in the industry.

Nanotechnology Landscaping & Business Opportunities

Business connection – We bridge the research institutes/universities with the industry players to bring nanotechnology advances to the consumers and business markets.

Leverage new discoveries – We keep an eye on the updated technology to see if any of the new breakthrough are right for your business or products.

Generally, we offer nanotechnology landscaping in research activities, domestic and international collaboration, available infrastructure, knowledge, education and training. We support clients in opportunity identification and business planning.

Strategy Planning & Consulting in Commercialisation & Industrialisation of Nanotechnology R&D

We devise strategies to help our clients exploit their technological capabilities, identify and quantify market opportunities and turn them into technology and commercialisation-driven business ventures.

We assist budding entrepreneurs to develop new businesses by effectively linking talent, technology, capital and know-how in order to accelerate R&D and commercialisation.

We provide proven pre-commercialisation, commercialisation and industrial development approach – Market-driven or product-driven R&D with ready takers from the industries with the right manufacturing capabilities.

We offers business and technology advisory services such as technology ideation and assistance, financing, branding, marketing and sales.

We coordinate nanotechnology R&D monitoring and evaluation for commercialisation; business assessment in marketing and finance; technology assessment; intellectual property (IP) management; and entrepreneurial development.

Facilitation of Investment in Nanotechnology

We assists in identification of various funding sources in Malaysia for industrial players and coordinate nanotechnology business innovation and research support, and venture funding.

We facilitate R&D equipment funding and assist industry players secure new investment and re-investment opportunities.

We provide nanotechnology adoption for local and international industry players through technology and business matching exercise.

We provide end-to-end support services to ensure efficient outcome for investors wanting to grow their businesses in Malaysia.

Development of Human Capital in Nanotechnology

We organise workshop/training programmes that provide organisations and individuals with the technical and management skills needed to enhance future success in the industry.

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