NanoMalaysia provides services to industries, universities and research institutions under four programme.


iNanovation is designed for companies to establish market share, introduce new process/material and switch from current conventional to nanotechnology-enabled.

This programme will be focus on the industries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-up companies through the iNanovation platform which consists of:

iNanovation Push

  • ‘PUSH’ nanotechology products into the market
  • Assist local Start-Ups and SMEs in setting foothold in current markets
  • Eligibility: Local SMEs/Start-ups & Foreign Companies

iNanovation Pull

  • Product development and prototyping joint-venture for industry-RI-academia collaborations. Monetisation via licensing or outright sales.
  • Improve products, increasing market share and venture into new markets.
  • Eligibility: Local SMEs/Start-ups/Foreign companies with local collaborator.

iNanovation Switch

  • For Large Companies, SMEs and Startups to enhance its current production process from conventional manufacturing to nanotechnology-enabled process
  • Improve products, increasing market share and venture into new markets
  • Eligibility: Local SMEs/Start Ups

These facilitation scheme includes Venture funds, Soft loans, Business partners and Technology Expertise.

Through investment and equity stake-holding, we ensure the deliverables of projects, and earned profits from the ventures are looped into iNanovation to ensure fresh funds are available for new nanotechnology ventures.