We looking at jumpstarting nanotechnology development via four key sectors.

Electronic Devices & Systems

The Malaysian Electronics and Electrical sector (E&E) is an important contributor to the economy. In 2009 alone, it accounted for 6 percent of Malaysia’s gross national income (GNI), 522,000 jobs — representing more than 40% of total manufacturing labour — and 41 percent of Malaysia’s total exports. The electrical and electronics (E&E) industry is the largest single contributor to the manufacturing sector, accounting for 26.1% of total manufacturing output (Source: EPU, Pemandu).

Malaysia’s world-class electronics industry is the top sectorial employer and exporter within the manufacturing sector. The E&E industry is also Malaysia’s most liberalised sector.

The future of E&E will be shaped by developments in nanotechnology. With established players and a strong global presence, the E&E sector can jumpstart expansions in nanoelectronics and nanophotonics etc.