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A nanotechnology commercialisation ecosystem that is
competitive, innovative and sustainable

Energising Industries through Nanotechnology Commercialisation

Press Release

28 April 2016 1,150 Pelajar Terima Manfaat,Sarung Kaki Berteknologi Nano Bagi Menyemai Minat Terhadap Sains. DOWNLOAD
14 April 2016 NanoMalaysia, Scomi and MDEC Sign MoU to Develop Internet of Nano-Things (IoNT) Synergies in Smart Transportation Ecosystems. DOWNLOAD
3 March 2016 NGAP 2020 to Contribute RM 20 Billion GNI Impact & Create 9,000 Jobs For Malaysia. DOWNLOAD
24 October 2016 Nanotechnology As A Primary Driver Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution DOWNLOAD
8 November 2016 Catalysing Malaysia’s Economy Through The Advanced Materials Industrial Ecosystem DOWNLOAD
8 November 2016 Industry Leaders Converge At Malaysia’s Maiden Global Graphene Conference DOWNLOAD