Sharizal Shaarani

Senior Vice President - Business Development, Business Development Office

Sharizal was appointed as Senior Vice President for Business Development in March 2022. He has an eclectic entrepreneurial and senior corporate experience, and currently also serves in the Boards of a social enterprise tech-startup and as well as deep-tech marine life-sciences venture with a leading Australian university. His other experiences include involvement in Fintech, Engineering, Construction and F&B. Prior to joining NanoMalaysia, he had joint-ventured with a Fortune 500 company to develop a new integrated high-value aquaculture species investment program and was also the Senior Manager for Strategic Communications for wholly-owned Khazanah agri-tech subsidiary Blue Archipelago Berhad. He obtained his Bachelor of Electronics and Control Engineering from University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. His personal interests are in Food & Water Security and Policy Advocacy where he has helped co-drafted the NKEA Agriculture Policy in 2010 and Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 in 2019.